Too soon?

Living Room

Let’s try this “before and after” plugin… My fireplace is now hooked up. Hat tip to Bromwell’s. Now my living room feels complete. Another tip of the hat to John Senhauser Architects for transforming the building.

Home work

Technically this is not working late. That would suggest I was productive during the day, which I wasn’t. Instead of keeping normal hours, I dilly dallied with emails and organized my desk at the studio. Came home and tackled the stuff I was supposed to be doing. Well, in addition to “staging” this self portrait by setting […]

Bar cart

All the liquor that I’ve stashed in kitchen cabinets and on top of the fridge now has a home, and I’m pretty much giddy about the reclaimed space.

St. Patricks Church

I expect this view across Hoffner Park in Northside will keep getting better with seasons and time.

Christmas tree

The day started taking all of 3 minutes to pick out a tree. And ended with it all put up and stuff. Actually it ended like this, at about a quarter to two according to the clock.

telecommutin’ Friday

I close out each week working from home. This is my desk.

“No more pictures” she said.

And I obliged, putting down the camera and getting back to the good stuff: Playing games, making dinosaurs, drawing valentines and eating cookies.