Keeping the decorations

Christmas lights need considered perfectly reasonable any time of year. Maybe it’s a branding or packaging challenge.

Carillon at night

The weather turns quickly, back to what feels more like winter. Made a quick trip through the rain to visit with friends gathered around a football game up in Dayton. I marvel at the youngest of the group who may now officially be categorized as toddler. Topics skip from superbowls to cats, music to tv […]

Brutus keeps staring at me

A few photos from the NCAA Tennessee vs. OSU women’s basketball tournament game in Dayton. The Lady Volunteers won this particular game, making these fans happy. But I should mention since my delay in posting, Texas A&M took home the title or whatever it is they call these things in the world of basketball.

The Ice Storm

The Ice Storm (not starring Sigourney Weaver – though that movie has sweet Criterion Collection box art.) rolled into Ohio along with February. I decided to hunker down in Dayton and as it would turn out, my home in Cincinnati pretty much escaped unscathed—nary accumulation of snow and just a bit of ice up north. But […]

Scenes from inside while the ice storm came to town

Mic’d stairway

Acoustics in unlikely places.

The last day of 2010

There was Pictionary. And even more Pictionary. I’d just like to take this opportunity to whine that I never got to draw. Gabe cuts into roast beef while the winter vegetables hang out in the background. We played an old game of Charades from 1968. It had gems like: “A man says what he knows, a […]

If this man ever offers you a taco, take it immediately

A hat tip to Nick and Amy for inviting me up!