NIT Gators vs. OSU

Casey wanted to see his Florida Gators play basketball up in Columbus vs my Buckeyes for an NIT basketball tournament. His team won, 74-66.

Familiar signs

Went up to Columbus to have lunch with Ray & Sheila, my baseball loving friends who are in the thick of Kickstarting a pretty nifty thing that keeps your earbud cables tidy. I’ll keep pimping it out until the level unlocks with the color I want. Always nostalgic going back up to the city of my alma mater. […]

Avanti, Cheese Crinkles and Bunny


Got to Columbus Ohio to get ready for beer making. Went out to the 16-bit Bar and had some Dirty Franks. Good stuff.

Pride prep

Random shot walking around Columbus Ohio while folks prepare for the pride parade.

Gay Softball World Series

I watched a bit of the games, sure, but the main reason I stopped by the 2010 Gay Softball World Series was to see some friends that flew into town for the event. Jam packed fields up in Columbus, filled with friendly faces. And yes, everyone was bearded. (I kid, I kid)