A savory brunch

Sunday started with a savory brunch at my neighbor Lily’s. While she and her former student knitted, we chatted about Halloween costumes, travel and pets. Including Oscar, the fostered dog that likes to lay frog legged.

Otto, cone


Friends around the web saw cryptic posts about this furry little lady, a ten year old dog I fostered for the good part of a week. Long story short: I’m not ready for a dog. Long story long: I went into a pet store because they had a sign for rescue cats. But it was […]

Daisy in the sun

Daisy spends almost every clear afternoon in this very spot at the farm, curled up and seemingly content in the sunshine. But I think she has an ulterior motive: prime location for spotting mail and package delivery vans and alerting everyone.


The ball is not for fetch, it is a snack.

Digo, Erik, Karl, orange car

These are random photos from the evening and morning that I wanted to keep, log, tag, and whatnot. Above? Digo healin’ up. ▲ ▲ Rockin’ the capris. ▲ Erik & Karl ▲ When in San Francisco, it’s important to take a photo all tilted and make everything look wonky. Required for all tourists. Guilty.

New Years Day, 2012

Homemade tamales by Nicole kicked off the new year proper. Strawberries were also served. This little one’s called Maya. Eagle Rock

Fergie really likes this bolster

Went up to Columbus to catch Scream 4 with the fellas. I think I was the least impressed. My mini-review: “Ham-fisted corn syrup.” Went back to Joel’s afterward armed with sacks of White Castles and settled in for videogames, watching his roommates dog hump this bolster between rounds of Mortal Kombat.