The sign in my barber’s window

I needed a haircut since I was going on a quick trip to New York, and my barber needed a new sign in the window. ( Rollover for original ) I used a variation of Letterhead Font’s Sarah Script for the logotype. Futura for the body, and that little “Call!” is actually a touch from […]

The critter at the barber shop

It’s going to be a shame if we don’t meticulously document our rapidly evolving language. Because I really need to know the entomology of getting one’s “wig busted.” In other news, I got a haircut at Tiny Tina’s today.

My barber says it’s not gray

“That’s not gray, it’s silver.” said my barber Tina. “It’s more distinguished.” Funny thing about this whole putting-stuff-online, I’d thought I’d talked about this matter before. And with a little searching, I found I was right. That was 6 years ago. I suppose this metamorphosis to daddy is not going quite as fast as I […]

Finally with the clippers

I’m gearing up for some travel so I told my barber Tina to “Cut it short.” She paused, sighed, and then selected the clippers. Tina has never used clippers on my hair—maybe to shape an edge, but never for cutting. At least not in the 14 years I’ve been sitting in her chair. She did her business […]

goodbye hair

Even out of focus, you can see that I am now entering my Phil Collin’s ‘No Jacket Required’ phase of life. Bonus shot: my barber loathes computers, but I think she’s keen on this tablet touchscreen stuff.

Keeping my seat warm

At the barber shop.