Homemade goop

Renting a camera

I read a review of the Leica Q camera by Craid Mod and wondered what it would be like to try one. I’d been to the store in San Francisco but they were out of stock. Turns out? You can rent cameras. So I did. (And LensRentals was an excellent service for that task.) The […]

Farm Day 12

There are many favorite parts to Farm Day, the yearly event of family and fiends that convene out in Oxford on Tom and Wendy’s farm. I actually like the days leading up to it as it forces Tom and myself to clean up the studio, likely the cleanest it will be any day of the […]

Erecting walls

This will be a portable art space.

Pencils + chick

In addition to some candy, my friends’ kids get a container full of colored pencils in their Easter basket. This is a treat I could dig. (Especially after all these cupcakes and ice cream). Also going down on the farm? Spring chicks have arrived. One casualty so far, but the others seem to be holding […]

About ready to rain

We’ve been getting some doozy storms of late. Sounds nice on the metal roof of the studio. And though it might appear that we’ve been lazy of late with no new things on our site, we’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes. Things are percolating.

Neko and the frog

File under words I can’t spell: Adirondack

Took advantage of the super nice day to test out the new Adirondack chairs at the farm studio. The chickens were curious.