I should probably hang a stocking

With the crush to get the event off the ground last Sunday, I’ve been switching gears and jumping headfirst back into work. So I’m hanging around the studio and apartment more, this means more pictures of my cat and fireplace. I should note, I needed to verify how to spell mantel when posting this. Also […]

One last push

Admittedly, another view inside my apartment isn’t very exciting. But this is where I spent the day putting final touches on future work for clients that should ease things along. Luckily everything my cat needs is automated, from feeding to playtime. (Kidding, I let her sit on my lap when I’m working.)

Guardians of Time

Still glow when I see Muffins and Killface, the poodle Guardians of Time that were gifted to me some years ago.

NES, mess

Best. Interface. Ever. In other news, I made a mess of my place, tearing into old boxes of memories and trying to document as much as I could.

Allen wrenching

It’s funny about things, how we dust and rearrange, curating our small museums of things we hold dear. Most of these items have shown up in this album many times before, but now they’ve moved to a shelf where the Christmas tree used to be. I’d been meaning to get a thing to house a […]

A single print

I don’t have many things hung at home yet, but this print by Larken Design works well on a bolt sticking from the wall. I don’t know the identity of the woman in the mugshot, but I like to think her crimes had an element of intrigue and wonder.

That ol’ fixture

Another day at the house, in my attempt to spare spreading germs to the studiomates. The camera sat on the dining room table all day, wanting to go outside. Sidenote: the light figure (seen before*) is from West Elm, they don’t make it anymore, but have similar… * Making note of these things seems so […]

Wooden floor

This? Oh this is just the wooden floor in my apartment. It’s shown up here before countless times, but I’ve been thinking a lot about texture lately. And I like this wood. But the real story behind this photo is that I started coming down with a cold this day. Congested, sore throat, tired and […]