The Music of France & Japan

Joseph’s faculty recital, from a distance In the event you can’t be somewhere in person, it is amazing that we can still be a part of the audience these days. The resolution of video and quality of sound isn’t stellar, but fidelity will most certainly get better and better. This makes it a wonderful time […]

Boatload of love

File under: Good mail Healthwise: In the arc of my cold, this day would prove to be that part when the rollercoaster is still clicking up that first big hill—it hasn’t reached peak yet, but you know it is there. Otherwise: there were things to be sorted and addressed on all fronts: work, family, legal […]

Game of Thrones

House of Stark vs House of Lannister in the Game of Thrones For Trivia Night 2019, we joined forces with another table to pull off our theme. Like it is every year, the evening was a hoot. We came in like 4th or 5th trivia-wise, but none of that really matters as it’s all for […]


A much needed quiet evening playing card and board games. Easy casual fun? LOOP, the Chicago train card game. A bit more complicated but super fun? Azul, a beautiful board game inspired by Portuguese tiles. Had to keep Floofer out of the wine.

Spontaneous lunch

Wendy texted, “Just finished up an errand in Cincinnati. Wanna grab lunch?” I had just finished meetings for the day and replied with an emphatic YES! We didn’t eat in this parking garage, but around the corner at a favorite taco joint. Caught our breaths and caught up with life, coloring in all those details […]

The Favourite

Blurry photo (it was FREEZING) after a quick gift exchange following a viewing of The Favourite—a movie that made me cackle with laughter and conversely aghast by its darkness. Such an excellent film. Highly recommended. Not pictured? A canvas print of Kyle with European Fanta in a gilded frame.

Triple Christmas

Started Christmas Day at mom’s house and shared a meal that laid a foundation for a day filled with much joy. Mom’s spirit was very present. I am so very lucky to be surrounded by loved ones who reflect the light she brought into the world. Stop #2 — Independence, Kentucky An excellent photographer, this […]

A Georgian Christmas Eve

Spent Christmas Eve with one of my oldest friends and her family. They’d recently completed a transformation of a dairy barn into a Georgian home. Remarkable in every detail and a wonderfully warm place to celebrate.