M&Ms chocolate bars

Confection package design Good light streamed into the apartment so I figured I’d capture these M&M chocolate bars before I tore into each one. I have a history of photographing candy bars. Examples: Snickers varietals, Wrigley’s gum 2007 redesign, 2004 redesign, Reese’s Inside Out, Kit Kats, Snickers Crisper, Wrigley’s Cool Green Apple and Snickers Fudge. […]



I’ve read more than once that lunchmeat should be avoided when trying to live a healthy life. I have 11 days to get this type of stuff out of my fridge and focus on better options. Also wondering why “Daily” is in quotes.  


Chili dip

Always a hit—even with fat free cream cheese, which weirds me out a little because it seems suspect. I know, it looks gross too.


I’m still kind of, but not as obsessed with Snickers varietals as I used to be. This Crisper is good, akin to a Whatchamacallit. In related news of inflating midsections, they’re now able to do four color printing on those lawn decorations. We are entering fancy times.

Maifest Covington

Twins with elephant ear.

Rain, maps and a really bland breakfast ”taco”

Super dig these maps by Herb Lester Associates. S’been rainin’, a lot. One bite. Then I put it back in the bag.