M&Ms chocolate bars

Confection package design Good light streamed into the apartment so I figured I’d capture these M&M chocolate bars before I tore into each one. I have a history of photographing candy bars. Examples: Snickers varietals, Wrigley’s gum 2007 redesign, 2004 redesign, Reese’s Inside Out, Kit Kats, Snickers Crisper, Wrigley’s Cool Green Apple and Snickers Fudge. […]

Pictures of food

Eggs and bacon things Freezing outside, fever inside. But the fridge was stocked so I spent the morning making egg and bacon things and then potato soup from scratch. A first for both. The latter turned out a bit too thick but super good.

Benihana, twice in one week

Full beards. Full bellies. Full moon. I’m good with the Benihana for another year. And this entirely concludes all celebration of birthday. Now researching cardio.

Brussels sprouts

My friend Erik clued me in on a simple way to fix Brussels sprouts. I should mention, every time I type out Brussels sprouts I have to check to see if it was spelled correctly. Start pan on medium heat with garlic olive oil ( I used this ), butter and pepper. Slice Brussels sprouts […]

Grocery meditation

The grocery is great for active meditation. This, from a man that has never taken a class on the subject but regards the practice with keen interest. Instead of simply being aware of thoughts, grocery aisles are filled with opportunities for observations. Someone blocking the aisle? It is a moment for reflection. Visualizing meals to […]


My brother Robert made thumbprint cookies. They were delicious to everyone except for the person we hoped would want them the most. A quote by Mother Teresa my mom made note of.


Thanks to my family doctor’s practice, I learned how simple it is to make applesauce. Apples, lemon juice, cinnamon and for kicks? A touch of black pepper. I made a batch for Thanksgiving and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Yawning Tom