Edie, by fire. Also? I need a new website

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I’ve taken this photo many times before.

But it’s cold out. I’m nesting and doing work and whatnot.

Never enough whatnot.

But I’d love to know: How many times have I taken this photo?

I’ve had an idea for a new design in mind for this photoblog for about 8 years. But I don’t code. (Yet)

There doesn’t seem to be a nice, clean, simple, life/photoblogging template out there.

Nothing fancy.

No heavily scripted galleries.

Mobile friendly.

A search that presents results visually.

So if I typed in “Edie” I’d see all of the posts I tagged (or mentioned ?) Edie.

Like this:

It’d be awesome if there was some intelligence built in to scrape data from the images and allow for stuff like this, a search for “red”:

Are you, or do you know, a WordPress* developer that might feel like this could be a thing to do?

I’d love to chat. (Email or hit me up on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram)

*Or tell me what other templates or systems might do the trick. Very open minded.


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