Parkway Auto Wash

Parkway Auto Wash, good for those days when your car needs a once-over inside and out. Bonus? The Fun Gum & Candy Center. (I’m serious, there’s some classic stuff here.)

Trivia Night 2016

Trivia Night is a sacred event. Benefitting McGuffey Montessori, this yearly gathering packs the big room at the Community Center up in Oxford. Teams of eight fill tables for lightning rounds of trivia questions, homemade desserts, a silent auction and general conviviality. Oh, and every team is encouraged to have a theme, which usually combines […]

Northside at Night

I think having to wait for a table at a local restaurant is a good sign. So I took that extra time to wander around the south block of Northside and peeked in windows of some stores, like Hoop & Needle (above). Black Plastic Records Wordplay

Rumpke landscape


My neighbor Joe introduced me to these RxBars a while back and because of their short list of ingredients, they are one of the few packaged foods that don’t freak me out. This is what I’d call a very good brand and packaging refresh—totally jiving with the basic ingredients and no-nonsense nature of the product. […]

Doodle Page

It took a while, but I’m finally quite comfortable using Adobe Illustrator. In this word of high resolution devices, it’s nice to have a program that isn’t locked into pixels. One favorite feature that cropped up over the past few years is Artboards, where you can create multi-page documents. Even better? I doodle outside of […]

Television snow


My mom once told me trees like this were called “white ghosts,” but I can’t verify on the web. This might be an Appalachian colloquialism that hasn’t made the leap to the digital realm. Either way, I these trees always catch my eye on the way up to Oxford.