The ever changing view from the window

The Gantry, now with lights in the parking lot.


Sleater Kinney at Bogarts

The first Holiday party of the season

There was food, and cookies, and punch, and a lot of good folks dressed up a little fancy.


It’s been exceptionally foggy these past few mornings. It might not seem so in the cemetery shot above, but I thought it adequately ominous. The view from my window of Northside below is a better example of visibility:


On that Aziz Ansari show (Master of None) they mention an app idea called “Trazam”. A Shazam for trees. Point your phone at a tree to identify it. There are similar apps available now: For flowers and butterflies and another that specializes in Plants in a few different regions. I’m looking forward to finding one […]

Plaid shirt

I’ve posted about this on other social media type places, but I figure it’s good to record here in the ol’ album. I always wanted to make a plaid shirt. I finally did.

Under construction

Future co-working space. Northside.