DIY again

Stopped by DIY Printing again. Always find something to see anew on the walls.


Exit only


Click360° was set up at the Levee and we needed a bit of excitement after long stretches of snoozing during that new 007 movie. So Brown, Casey and I did that Charlie’s Angels thing and you can see my plumber’s crack.

Holiday preparations

Tricia has been starting to help out with official Wire & Twine business, and Tom and I are all the better for it. We’re gearing up for Crafty Supermarket this weekend and the holidays in general so it’s time to get things in order.

Supreme Styles

Mental note: I need to add Supreme Styles on the Northside Map, along with a slew of other updates in the neighborhood.


Merry Christmas, embroidered

To say I was obsessed with this embroidered wall-hanging growing up would be an understatement. I kept it in my room year round to marvel at the playful type, patterns, and texture. My nephews have been in care of this for years, and I drove out specifically to take a snapshot for holiday cards. And […]