People’s Liberty

Residing with the residents down at People’s Liberty all week, soaking up the sun in this fine space. Doing my day job on their Wifi and collaborating on some sort of something to commemorate the Deep Space opening next week. Bonus? Findlay Market for lunch.

IHOP with mom

Mom and I hadn’t been to IHOP in years and it just sounded good. Smelled like pancakes and coffee when we walked in, a nice contrast to the cool autumn day outside. We ordered too much food and swore to avoid the sweet syrups next time. They should really make plain maple syrup an option.

Stephanie & Kevin

My favorite part as a +1 for the wedding of Stephanie and Kevin was the surprise tenor the groom arranged during the ceremony. A wonderful moment of music.

The Martian

I tried reading The Martian, but there was all that math at the beginning and it was hard. So I was happy to see the film adaptation, and it was solid for the most part. The theater audience was actually quiet and I didn’t see a phone screen flash once. So pleasing. Korean food and […]


Honeyhoney, Taft Ballroom. They played my favorite song, so I was a happy camper. Dinner beforehand with this lady was also lovely.

Mt. Adams from the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge

Home work

Technically this is not working late. That would suggest I was productive during the day, which I wasn’t. Instead of keeping normal hours, I dilly dallied with emails and organized my desk at the studio. Came home and tackled the stuff I was supposed to be doing. Well, in addition to “staging” this self portrait by setting […]

The highlighted days

This is George, the Suder’s Art Store cat. I stopped by to pick up some highlighters and a few art supplies that I’ll store in an art supply box to collect dust. (It’s a great store, really. They have sign painter paint.) My goal with the highlighter was to print out some calendars and make […]