A savory brunch

Sunday started with a savory brunch at my neighbor Lily’s. While she and her former student knitted, we chatted about Halloween costumes, travel and pets. Including Oscar, the fostered dog that likes to lay frog legged.



Blue evening light seemed like a good time to photograph the Gantry development that’s been emerging outside my window over the past year. For the rollover I chose an image from last November to show how much the area has changed. I won’t miss the “beep beep beeps” of heavy equipment backing up, but I […]

Jake gets scanned

Stacked up the good on my last day at People’s Liberty for the week. Meatball Kitchen was brought in for lunch (and their bread is dangerously fantastic). Some folks got 3D scanned, as Jake is above. The residents and I finished up a little design project that has a good dollop of humor in honor […]


It’s been a joy working in the city this week. Having Findlay Market right next door to the office has been an extreme bonus.


Someone got new specs.


Beer tasting

Mom hosted a beer tasting, and though we didn’t exactly know what we were doing (What types of beer should folks bring? Should we take notes or rate them somehow?), we still managed to have a darn good time. (The strawberry fruit ale got the most votes.)