Thing I learned on the internet this morning: Though the yellow color is present in the leaf throughout the growing season, chlorophyll masks the pigments known as xanthophylls. This hue becomes visible when the green chlorophyll is gone.

Design on a vacuum

Maybe they don’t do this anymore, but my Bissell vacuum has all these gaudy graphics permanently affixed to the base, touting features in relative context. I figure these bits of information are tacked on in the event the vacuum is used as a floor model. They cannot be removed because folks might tear them off in a […]


I’m ready for the future when we vote on issues independently of candidates and use the time in between elections to debate and discuss said issues. Also? I still want better designed “I VOTED” stickers.

Maury’s Tiny Cove

On the west side there’s a little restaurant tucked away that is a well preserved time capsule to a different era. At Maury’s Tiny Cove the ambiance is likely just the same as it was sixty-five years ago, only the fashions have changed. On Monday nights you can get a helluva deal on a burger […]


You can’t see it in this photo very well, but there are some intensely lit overpasses just north of downtown Columbus. Quite striking really.


So many good parts crammed in less than 48 hours. Meeting friends’ new son, his grandma and great grandma An inflatable bed that did not deflate overnight Winning Scariest Halloween costume The apple sheet pie pictured above The red velvet donut from Paula’s donuts Watching the football game on a lazy Sunday afternoon with my […]

Fear of clowns

Successfully surprised my sister at her annual Halloween party. She loves Halloween like no other holiday and has a get together with required costumes each year. I’d been holding back on posting pictures of my clown get-up to add to the element of surprise leading up to the day. My friends Erik and Joe were […]