Bar cart

All the liquor that I’ve stashed in kitchen cabinets and on top of the fridge now has a home, and I’m pretty much giddy about the reclaimed space.

All the colors

These leaves look just fine without any editing.

Closed for the season

Closed for the season, and likely indefinitely. An old Dairy Queen in Ross Ohio. I don’t know what this truck is dumping. Is it concrete mixing? Some sort of fertilizer? Next time I’m driving to work I’m going to look for signs.


It’s been a long time since I enjoyed a television series So. Thoroughly.  Sure, many of the characters on Amazon’s Transparent are selfish and make me cringe with their bumbling, but there’s something intensely revealing about it all. I realllly enjoyed this first season. Bonus: The lovely swash and perfectly untracked opening credits. It’s like some nostalgic […]

Edie, in box II

Previously and related: Edie, on rug Edie, in box Future project: Cat trap

Sunset, Fort Washington Way

Driving back from Kentucky I’m just a touch sad I didn’t see this sunset from my apartment. But I caught at glimpse on Fort Washington Way.

Joe’s ravioli

Neighbor Joe made ravioli* and I ate it with the enthusiasm of someone who had been fasting for some time. To me, the process of making ravioli is filed under “magic”… Not dark magic, but light and powerfully good magic. * yolk pasta ravioli stuffed with spinach and rocket arugula with parmesan in a lemon […]

Ben Frost at the CAC

I’d say this was the loudest music performance I’ve ever attended, but that would be misleading. Ben Frost created soundscapes that used some sort of super vibratey frequencies that rattled my hair follicles and clothing. If I knew how to meditate, I would have left the basement of the Contemporary Arts Center with renewed focus and inner […]