Oh hai! Needed a studio shot but I ended up looking dorky and Tom was too deep in thought. Posted here instead of the digital darkroom floor.


I’m one of those people. I was lucky enough to plan lunch around an Apple keynote. I chose Taco Bell in a half-panic/horrible-desire to make it back in time to see the streamed event. Watching these keynotes is almost as good—if not better than—standing in line to buy something new. Not just new… New with attention to detail. […]

Thumbs up

Time for the yearly checkup with my oncologist. All bloodwork and a cursory physical exam suggests everything is fine. (Yay.) Great relief after a bad scare last year that turned out to be nothing to worry about, but a much needed kick in the seat of the pants to live more intentionally. Right now I’m filled […]

Checking in on the grandchild

If Norman Rockwell was around, I’d like to think this is the scene he’d capture somehow.

Tooling around

My friend Chris let me kick the tires on his convertible. We drove down to Rabbit Hash for the afternoon. More proof…

Fast Casual

I know Olive Garden and Red Lobster are hurting by the fast casualization of foodstuffs, and I want to live in a world where all approaches to restaurateuring can peacefully coexist. But if you told me you were going to open up the Chipotle of Pizza joints, I would immediately line up and become an […]

Mapping things out

The humidity wasn’t going to stop me from learning how to put up big prints up outside today. After seeing folks re-hanging the Shepard Fairey mural as part of Cincy Summer Streets in Northside, I was motivated to give it a try. Armed with wheat paste, some large format maps of the neighborhood, and permission to […]

Pride Night

There are so few constants that we can rely on in this world. But I stand by this: the best time to visit Kings Island is on Pride Night. The lines are so short, you can exhaust yourself easily on roller coasters. I went to ride the Banshee for the first time. The harness contraption […]