I’ve lost track how many years I’ve known Ray. I’m going to say a decade. We’d bantered virtually and crossed paths years later. I’ve always loved his work and perspective. When his 50th birthday approached, he asked 50 folks to create art based on this Fisher Price inspired figure that he’s used as a visual statement through […]

Joe’s Haute Dog Birthday Celebration

Joe requested friends bring a special recipe hot dog with all the fixins to help celebrate his birthday. Angie and John provided the awesome setting, and I let go of any artificial diet restrictions I place on myself and sampled everything (at least once). Plus also? Vodka infused gummy bears. I had no idea these were […]

Bret & Sean’s Pride Party

Neighbors Bret and Sean throw the most excellent pride celebration in their backyard every year. And what a backyard it is—likely one of my favorites on the planet. Tiered decks, landscaping, pretty lights and speakers hidden away everywhere. Add a large group of friendly folks and good spirits and you end up with something exceptionally solid. […]


Projecting MarioKart 8 and getting my ass kicked. Complete with J.J. Abrams lens flare.


My friend Brown played percussion at the International Women’s Brass Conference at NKU. I don’t often get to see her play out so this was a treat, doubly so because of the program itself. Folks playing offstage and around the performance hall always intrigues me, and the music selections were lively and evocative. Standing ovation.

Farmer’s Market Haul

It’s been so enjoyable to walk over to the Northside Farmer’s Market this summer and pick up good things to eat for the week.

1980 450SL

I kinda have a thing for this model.

Good to be home

I do believe my cat Edie was happy to have me back. And I lucked out that my neighbor Joe made extra food for dinner. Good to be home.