Murphy the cat and a Pontiac

The ordering of the Pantone

Hungry doe

If I had land, I’d plant a garden for deer.

Ray Lamontagne

On my concert bucket list: Ray Lamontagne. I first heard this dude sing on Saturday Night Live of all places, which seemed a bit uncommon for their normal musical guest selections. Soulful and yearning, I was sold. When I saw his new album Supernova was hitting the stores I figured my chances would be good […]


Phone snap in the middle of a bike ride. Of mild interest, this picture was totally better before I fiddled with it.

Manilows and Discussing and Signing

Tom had a bunch of Barry Manilows on his desktop. I don’t ask questions. That evening however, there were questions. They were about living and creating in Cincinnati. Zan led the gathering hosted at Joseph-Beth Booksellers and there were oodles of folks from The Cincinnati Anthology on hand to share perspectives. I don’t go to […]

Again with the Farmer’s Market

The summer of 2014 will officially go down as the time when I began to deeply appreciate what foods in my geography are in season. I’ve also learned that buying from local farmers makes me more inclined to use everything quickly and intentionally. Maybe it’s a guilt thing, I don’t know, but man this stuff […]