City Flea

City Flea. May 17, 2014. Mental note: 1.) Ask Zan what a cup of tea and wheat penny means. 2.) Run idea by her about a new photo book called “Zanthology.”

Maifest Covington

Twins with elephant ear.

The Cincinnati Anthology Literary Gathering

It’s real now. Tonight, at The Cincinnati Anthology Literary Gathering, I was able to get my paws on a real-life physical copy of the first book I’ve designed. That was a personal triumph, but the evening held lots more goodness. First, the setting at the Mercantile Library was perfect. I hadn’t been to this tucked […]

Good name for wine

This white pinot noir seems like an oxymoron, but it’s really quite resolved. It even gained the curiosity of Edie. Plus also? How many wineries feature an Oregon wine bear in their video propaganda?

Plane movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

What promised to be a perfectly okay picture above turned out to be a great example of “really boring airport photo.” I’m blaming my flustered self, straight out of security, hobbling with an untied shoe and adjusting my belt, trying to get to my camera in my backpack. In other news, the airline had one […]

Til next time, Dublin

Giro d’Italia & Killiney

My last day was chock full of awesome. Met a fine couple up in Killiney and we toured the coast a wee bit. Took a short hike. Had a great homemade lunch at their house. Then hopped on a train back to the city to watch the Girl d’Italia zip through the streets. Capped it […]