Future bourbon bar

Pretty excited about The Littlefield. Their words: “A neighborhood bar specializing in Bourbon cocktails and regional craft beer paired with great food, art and cultural offerings.” Yes to all of that. (Plus? Patio!) Bonus view of Northside from a totally difference vantage:

I’m “all torso”

I’ve got this goal to ride up to Yellow Springs, Ohio on a bike. It’s 77 miles. I don’t know when I’ll be ready to make that trek, but a good road bike would make the trip more enjoyable. So I got measured for one proper. Apparently I’m all torso. I thought I was all […]

Creative Mornings at Powerhouse

Creative Mornings Cincinnati found an excellent space for speakers at Powerhouse Factories in Newport. I got up early for the free coffee and to hear Malik Spencer talk about love and relationships.

Avanti, Cheese Crinkles and Bunny


I’ve know this guy for years. Maybe even a decade (I’m not good at that sort of math.) And on this day I finally met him, his wife Sheri and a bunch of friends celebrating his birthday. If I ever get down on the internet, there are moments like this to remind me that there […]


I’d drive that Beetle. My head might stick out over the windshield, but I’d drive it. In other news, I got my car serviced.  

Jim & Elise

The best thing I can think to offer friends fresh from a long haul on the road is comfortable seating.


I remember going downtown as a kid and being excited to traverse on the Skywalk system connecting buildings. Sure it’s just a covered elevated sidewalk, but it afforded good views of the streets. There aren’t many spans left as approaches to urban life shifted, which according to this article is likely best: The story behind Cincinnati’s slowly […]