Warriors come out to play

“You haven’t see The Warriors!?” Maya’s tone was aghast. No, I had not. But she had the original, definitive version on cassette, Jeremy had a VHS player and I was able to borrow a screen and projector. A week later we congregated as storms brewed outside and watched the 1979 film about gangs and dressing […]

2014 Auto Show

When Jeep first announced the rebirth of the Cherokee nameplate with a relatively radical departure from their current design language, the general online consensus was aghast. I tended to like the new interpretation of the 7 slot grill and thin running lights. (One should note, the actual headlights are in the middle of the bumper.) […]

Tree line-up

This most recent snow was the prettiest yet. Nice and dry and fluffy, perfect for skiing if we had mountains.

Last tiny bit of light

Music Hall

Kyle’s huge phablet

Kyle says he’ll keep getting bigger phones so he doesn’t have to get glasses. I really should have a hand in there for scale, but that HTC One Max phone thing is HUMONGOUS and kind of awesome for that single reason. Also awesome? The bacon flapjacks on Django‘s brunch menu. Get a side of bacon […]


Wandering around the parking lot of Jungle Jims, I looked up to see these geese. They did not help me or my mom find the parked car. It took a few trips down the aisles and a peek behind a minivan to locate the Rabbit. Mental note: have the dealership turn the horn honking back […]

$39.99 and up


Met Tom at the theater to watch the Robocop reboot. The soundtrack was horrible, but it went really well with the movie! In other news, I feared these two in front of us would be a problem with their phones during the show. And I was right. I leaned over twice asking, “What ya Googlin?” […]