A spot of rain

An embrace in San Francisco

If you look closely, the embrace is above. Erik picked me up at the airport. Then he immediately wheeled me to Brenda’s Soul Food where every good dietary deed I had done over the past few months was erased by these beignets. I don’t know why he has that expression.

Booking a holiday

In trying to figure out why I get so behind on posting photos, I realized it always happens about June of every year. I can pinpoint the first big lapse on a roadtrip with my mom in 2011. There was so much awesome going on that it was hard to keep up. So I’m attempting […]

Self portrait with infinity mirror

Edie with toy

We made beer

Went up to North High Brewing in Columbus to bottle some beer made a few weeks back. We made a red rye with clove and a straight up porter. Both turned out exceptionally well. I’d highly recommend the experience if you’re interested in the brewing process. Better yet? For some party you’re planning in the […]

At the car wash

First warm weekend day of the year and it was time to wash off all the road salt from our cars. A very satisfying task.


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