Edie, regarding longbox

CDs were neater when they came packaged in a longbox.

Observation deck

If the weather’s nice? A trip to the observation deck is in order.


Again, digging through the portfolio to gather bits together for what I’ll refer to as The Talks, two back to back presentations where I’d be standing on a stage trying to get folks to forget they have a magical phone in their pocket. I look at this old type exploration using Chromarama paper and see […]

Getting there is half the fun

On this May evening, I spent a good chunk of time reflecting on who I am, what I know, and what could I possibly share with others to be of some value. My research for this evening was to watch The Muppet Movie. As a kid, watching Kermit ride a bike was the most amazing […]

I often go to movies to forget things in 10 years

I know I saw this movie in a theater because I snapped this photo of the light up poster outside. I can say with confidence that Ben Kingsley and some Audi’s were featured in the movie, but ask me that in ten years and I might not remember. That said? Iron Man 3 was fun. […]

Almost the worst way to watch the Derby

To think I tucked in a shirt for this scene. If it wasn’t for the company, it would have been a terrible Kentucky Derby experience. Couldn’t even make out when the race started or ended on tiny TVs at Turfway Park. Serves us right for thinking it’d be fun to go to a horse track […]

Wussy Duo

Wussy Duo performing on the big outdoor patio at Barrio.

A post about a cloud

The reality is, I spent a good chunk of the day talking about virtual clouds. Which leads me to think that the tech world would benefit from adjectives like puffy, dark, luminous, wispy, and fluffy.