Fear and stipple

The night before my talk and I had scanned, photographed and revisited about as much of my creative past as possible. This book jacket concept? Part of a trilogy for design class (sketches here). Those stippled dots took a long time.    

The new, new Boca

So I’m the guy that just likes the crème, and not so much the brûlée. So if we ever share a dessert, feel free to chip all that burnt sugar off and let me at the pudding. Shared this at the Boca in Cincinnati, a longtime favorite that recently moved downtown. The new space is phenomenal and […]

NES, mess

Best. Interface. Ever. In other news, I made a mess of my place, tearing into old boxes of memories and trying to document as much as I could.

Edie meets Big Trak

Surprising mom

Delivered brunch on Mother’s Day. When mom left the room, my brother and I hatched a vague plan for when she was gone to work… We’d lay down cover and mulch in the front yard, buy some plants and try to finish the gravel path wrapping around the side of her house. Ambitious, perhaps. Then […]

Things Liven up…

Yeah I posted this beer mural three years ago, but I like this shot more. Maybe we do get better as we age. Or, it’s all about seeing things in a better light.


Got a room at the new 21c Museum Hotel next door to the conference thinking I could simply collapse on the bed after my talk. Being a procrastinator, I managed to finish my slides after pulling an all-nighter. This felt like ample reward. So there I am in what I consider the best hotel going […]

QC Merge

I was afraid I couldn’t fill 20 minutes, but I ended up blathering for more than forty at this year’s QC Merge, a gathering of developers, designers and industry folk that convened in Cincinnati for two days. This was the first time I spoke at length in front of a crowd. (I did whet my whistle […]