7 minutes

So I saw this article about how this 7 minute workout is awesome for you because of science! So I tried to doing it every morning, and man it was kind of intense, but it did feel pretty darn good save for the cat watching me with judgement. But for one reason or another I […]

Abe hung

Abe has been framed and he’s hung.

Hand model

Sometimes when I need a photo for work, I’ll just act as the hand model. It’s easier and there are fewer forms.

These fine folks

Went downtown to have a beer with some CNCY MADE organizers that are hoping to connect and organize all the makers in the area. Met lots of people and crossed paths with ones I knew, like these fine folks.

Edie, above

Cat hair is lonely people glitter

Music and signs

Record release party for the Tammy Whynots at the American Sign Museum.

Northside Music Festival (& some knockout roses)

I spoke four months ago and didn’t hear myself until now

To say I’m excited that Cincinnati now has a Creative Mornings chapter would be an understatement. I have followed the birth of these inspirational get togethers since Tina Roth Eisenberg started them back in 2008. I was even lucky enough to see a few really awesome talks while visiting New York City. When our chapter was […]