I had coffee with Caitlin. She writes, a lot, and works with Springboard, and sports nice accessories, one of which is almost certainly a smile.

Look closer

Same stuff, moved around, always expanding and contracting. I feel guilty that I’m over staging. Freshly hung:¬†Look Closer pennant¬†by Always with Honor

Joist Caper and two podcasts

I’m quiet and then all of a sudden, I don’t stop blathering. Today I was a guest on two podcasts with folks in the area. That’s two more podcasts than I’ve ever been in on my entire life. I was nervous going in, but once the questions started rolling, I generally forgot there was a […]


The evening where I learn Spanish words trying to win tacos at Barrio.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day at Spring Grove.


I’m trying to stop buying stuff, but this knight was a very inexpensive way to make me feel like I was a kid again. There was a period of time when knights and jousting and castles were the only things I drew.

Celebrating early

My aunt and sister came in to town to celebrate my mom’s birthday a few days early. We had a pretty dang awesome day driving around and catching up and shopping and eating and smiling. Lola wants to be over the fence. Rocco lays down funny.


Made a trip out to Anderson to marvel over greenery at the Greenfield Plant Farm. The dogwoods were unbelievably beautiful. I was entirely mesmerized. Everything else was beautiful too.