Eric’s Birthday

He always wanted a Barbie, and at age 40, he finally got one.


Enjoyed brunch at Nada and caught sight of this classic Corvette. I can heartily recommend their Carnitas Tamal & Egg. Shared the fine meal with the equally fine character that is behind  Over-the-Rhine Blog, a site I’ve long admired for its championing spirit of the downtown neighborhood.

Still life on game night

Game night with friends. Managed to squeeze in a slew of games: Love Letter – Card game, kind of like Clue where you try to expose others while getting your love letter to the princess. Cards Against Humanity – The filthy Apples to Apples. Always fun. Always. Dixit – Each card in the game is an artful […]

Music Hall and an Espresso Machine

I’ve never taken a good shot of Music Hall before. And I still haven’t. But one of these days the sky and the light will be just right, and I’ll be there. Stopped into the 1215 Wine Bar and Coffee Lab for some caffeine. Left with delicious coffee and fishing tips. Great folks there.

Steam Whistle Letterpress

Man oh man, am I glad to have stopped into Steam Whistle Letterpress. First of all? Brian that runs the whole shebang is friendly, chock full of ideas, wisdom, and best of all? He’s a solid sense of humor. He does stuff I only dream about. Letterpress. Postcards. Pennants. Stamp kits. Matchbooks. Workshops! And on […]


Now that’s a hood ornament. Never noticed these until I saw a parked Mack truck on my first day of trying to walk off my spare tire.

Spiffy golf cart

A little car maintenance

A gift from a friend of my mom’s. I had one of these little fold-out car repair shops growing up, and now I have one again. I’m lucky twice.