Atlas Points: Between Cincinnati and Brooklyn

As part of the MusicNOW Festival, two Cincinnati raised artists—Nathlie Provosty and Jessie Henson, created an installation for the Emery Theatre titled, Atlas Points: Between Cincinnati and Brooklyn. Bryce Dessner, founder of the festival, performed a solo piece to welcome the artists and their work. A thorough look at the exhibit is available at ÆQAI. Jessie […]

Spring in Spring Grove

My yearly tour through the cemetery for the blooms. Chalked up a good chunk on the pedometer, but didn’t quite hit my goal of 10k. Baby steps.

A glitch in taxes

This lawnmower for sale has nothing to do with the error I made with my online tax form. Luckily the local tax place was able to figure it all out and I ended up back in the black.

The trees

I pass these trees each day driving to the studio, and slow to admire their huddle in the middle of a cornfield. These trees are the calendar I can’t flip ahead. I’d every intention of waiting for a complete year cycle to post these, but didn’t feel like waiting. So with a bit of jumping […]

Talking the walk

So when I took this photo it was full on spring. It felt like it was yesterday, but the reality is, it was four months ago. This was also the time that I bought a pedometer and decided to try and tackle daily walking. With hindsight I can now safely say it is full on summer, […]

Edie, in box

Each day I get to know Edie a little better. One day she bounds around the apartment at the slightest reflection, other times she is writing mental notes to imaginary boyfriends. In this photo, she appears engaged in one of her favorite places: a box for brutally raised chicken parts from Costco. Fret not, I used […]

Spilt idea

Some ideas just need to be made so you can move on. The good news from this exploration is that I had fun trying to make a puddle into the shape of Ohio. Plus also? I enjoyed some coffee.

Oxford Kinetics Festival 2013

This marked the third year for the Oxford Kinetics Festival, and no one could have asked for a more beautiful day. I missed the explanation of the large Bob Saget head and Mary-Kate masks, but I have faith it was part of wholesome family fun. My studio-mate Tom rocked out a logo for this years […]