Edie likes prayer flags

Two things stood out this Sunday: My cat really likes to hide and play in this set of prayer flags. I think she likes the smell of the dyes or something. Of all the cats I picked out, of course I get the huffer. Also played cornhole with these cats. Won a few, lost a […]

The grass, it grows

I share this view from my window for a few reasons: What an awesome day. The grass of the empty lot finally took root. (Previously…) This area will likely look completely different in the not too distant future…  

Twitter guests

When my friend Heather saw that local restauranteur Jeff Ruby was going to have a big birthday bash if he could break 5,000 followers on Twitter, she was suspect. Very suspect. So when it actually came to fruition and was scheduled to take place at the Convention Center, she told me I should tag along […]

A Map of the World

If you’re like me and you like beautiful illustrations and maps, get this book. It’s seriously fantastic. A bit more about it on the publishers website. (A big tip of the hat to Raul of TinyBop for the heads up)


First time trying out the new (our third!) taqueria to open up in Northside: Barrio. Try the elote, caesar salad with deep fried cornbread croutons, and if you’ve room? Churros with chocolate for dessert. Also? Fantastic patio.

A very large TV set

Tom’s VERY LARGE TV project comes together. A set piece for the production of School House Rock at his kids’ school.


I’ve no idea what Tom was making when I got to the studio, but it involved lots of drilled holes and biscuit joiners, which simply typing makes me smile for some reason. Rain came later in the day…

Revisited subjects

Two subjects that I’ve photographed many times before, but warranted capture again this brilliant day. This marked a particularly heavy week, workwise. Juggling many projects, finding success and failure, coming to grips at what I can do, what I’m good at, and where there’s room for improvement. Previously…