Steam Whistle Letterpress

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Steam Whistle Letterpress

Man oh man, am I glad to have stopped into Steam Whistle Letterpress. First of all? Brian that runs the whole shebang is friendly, chock full of ideas, wisdom, and best of all? He’s a solid sense of humor. He does stuff I only dream about. Letterpress. Postcards. Pennants. Stamp kits. Matchbooks. Workshops! And on and on…

Consider this my mental note to get stuff into one sock and get some things made there. In the meantime? I’m buying up his goods with pleasure. Currently just hung theĀ Northside Pennant at home. Next on my list? The Paper Neighborhood kit.

Good stuff. Every last drop of ink, stitch sewn, book bound and indentation into paper.

No Poetry!




Paper Neighborhood!

Matchbooks, Black book!

If you’re in Cincinnati, stop by or check ’em out online.