Spring church pants


I’ve lived down the street from Mayday for a while and I’d go there for a show or a brew, but never sat down proper for a meal. Finally took the plunge and must say, their veggie Mayday Dog (caramelized onion, grilled peppers, spicy mustard, house ketchup and relish) hits the spot. Super tasty. Get […]

One amazing Minecraft cake

Wendy pulls out all the stops when she makes birthday cakes. The amount of fondant square she handmade and colored  for this Minecraft homage was kind of crazy. And this isn’t something she Googled for the cake pattern, she meticulously research and planned it out, did the math, and spent all night pulling it together. Crazy […]

Busken truck

Super Lotto

The Super Lotto sign on the way to the inaugural Creative Mornings Cincinnati. Listened to Joe Hansbauer talk about the future of Findlay Market and the area north of Liberty. Thoughtful and exciting stuff for our city. Then I went and got my hair cut, but first I swept and mopped the floor for my […]

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This photo means I was across the street at Burger King doing horrible things to my intestines. I’m working through the shame. In other news, I sent off concepts for a western themed wedding invite this day. The positive reaction from the grooms brightened an otherwise rainy day.

Schoolhouse Rock

I certainly knew the material well, Schoolhouse Rock was a bright spot on Saturday mornings growing up. Maybe it’s because I helped paint one of the sets. Or it was because Tom built and painted all the rest of the sets. Perhaps it was the fact that all three kids from my partners at work […]

Oil you eat

Took a bike ride and ended up here. They make edible oils of some sort, and maybe some inedible too. Seems complicated.