A day with the family

Though you wouldn’t know this was a day with family (my sister was in town for her birthday), but below are my nephew’s chickens and the other two photos were just nice light while driving around this fine day. Bonus photo: Edie, in chair



Stopped in to drop off keys for a friend and checked out the new(?) joint called Igby’s downtown. This vaulted ceiling with dropped lights was nice for the upward gaze.

An entirely new Tomb Raider

I had low expectations for this new installment of Tomb Raider, but after seeing this clueless gamer review with Conan O’Brien, I figured it was worth checking out. Turns out? This is my favorite third person action game, maybe ever (so far). It’s more varied than God of War, and somehow more rewarding than Ratchet […]

That casino opened

Well, you can gamble in Cincinnati proper now, and I’m not talking with one’s digestive system and 3-way chili spaghetti, White Castles or goetta. What can I say? It’s a casino. I’m more of a videogame guy. (Even though gambling these days really just seems like mashing buttons.) Oh, her again. Crossed paths with Andrew […]

Cereal aisle

I didn’t buy any of these cereals, but for a split second, I almost considered that chocolate Krave crap. Instead, I stuck with the plan and just got ingredients for potato soup and some steel cut oats. Bonus photo? Edie really digs listening to Pink Floyd.

Boring day

Quiet day of recovery, and all that is left to record the moments are this snapshot of the speedometer. I should mention, 135k miles in and I’m still a fan of the ol’ Rabbit.


In all my years, I never made it to a Bockfest parade. It has something to do with celebrating goats and beer or something. I must admit, it’s quite the jovial affair, even with chilly weather. Closed out the evening catching Joe Rogan do a bit of standup. Funny guy.