St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Almost missed the St. Patrick’s Day parade because they changed the route entirely. The thing that stuck out, above all else? This moving vehicle that had CATS, ON DISPLAY. Sure it was for adoption, but it was the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in a while:

Sotto, under construction


Tom collects vinyl and I get the benefit of being inspired by his choices.


Here’s the deal with KungFu Chu’s Amerasia in Covington: It’s small and delicious. Get there early or prepare to wait. Fret not as the beer list is a book. Once you do sit down? Just order the fried flounder. Seriously.


I keep circling around this building to understand it better.

I need a category for boring

Grace, with beard

Game night at Grace’s. We found a way to make Apples to Apples more risqué… simply use the ol’ fortune cookie trick and add “in bed” to all the statement cards.