Music at the C&D

On an afternoon when the snow truly decided to fall on our fine city, I ventured out to the C&D Bar in Northside to catch some music.

Mop head

Happy hour

A sunny happy hour to close out the week. Crossed paths earlier in the day with Brian from Steam Whistle. Made a mental note to stop in sometime. Skelton the dog contemplates life, who played that song on the jukebox, and if anyone has a snack.


I used to eat Ko-Sho every chance possible when I worked downtown. They moved to Northside a while ago and my regard has not waned. I always get a bento box, some sides of sushi, and leave happy.

Bull, poop

It could be a steer. I didn’t get that close.

Framemaker Gallery

Dropped off my Sasquatch and Abe Magnet prints to get done up proper at Framemaker Gallery. I picked out ornate gold and a bright orange frames respectively.


Behind that speeding SUV? That’s where DuPont makes sulfur products and specialty acids in Fort Hill, Ohio. I drove by it on my way to get some fried chicken with the fellas.  

All this cat needs is a brandy and a pipe