Easter egg

Easter dinner at mom’s. All the favorite dishes. Rejoice indeed.

Edie, at window

Watching over Hoffner Park in Northside.

Mike Perry mural

This mural by Mike Perry, opposite another favorite in the Clay St. alley. (Previously…) Our Cincinnati tee in the storefront of Park+Vine. (Coupla phone snapshots because the light was so nice.) I super love the lunch and brunch counter at Park + Vine I should mention. Quite fond of the Raw Raw side and macaroni […]

Cincinnati tee

We made this tee to test out the discharge process. Essentially color is removed from the shirt with an activated bleach gel. Makes for a nice, super smooth print. These are available at Park + Vine and MiCA. Tom’s expression suggests he thought he would safely be cropped out… Dropped off some goods to friends, […]

The Breeders

Kicking the tires on the Last Splash reunion tour at the most excellent Southgate House Revival. Just as much spirit as their original location, and then some.


On this day the Supreme Court listened to arguments in a case that challenges the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a law that defines marriage between a man and woman. It’s a major milestone for equality and though the ruling won’t be declared for some time, I saw immediate and powerful support from friends and […]

Saving the Arby’s sign

The American Sign Museum is hoping to save a little bit of history, by preserving the sign from the Finneytown Arby’s being remodeled. I’ve always loved this classic larger than life ten gallon hat, all neon and chasing lights. Fingers crossed it finds a permanent home. Details on the efforts are posted on their site.

Evidence of precipitation