The streets of Covington at night

Barely snowed

Olympus OM-D

The new rig with my old lens: an Olympus OM-D. It’s no GF-1, but it’ll do just fine. I love the articulating screen and build quality. Full review after I kick it around a few months.

The wireless store

This is one of my favorite signs from the inaugural CoSign project. Built by Such+Such and designed by Paul Coors.


So this photo is quite boring, but it’s the evening when I realized my trusty Lumix GF-1 was good and busted.

Team Heavy Metal Parking Lot

The above instant photo captures the spirit of our trivia team. We didn’t win this year, but we felt good about what we brought to the table. And Tom’s boombox was impressive.

Edie, not impressed

One step closer to becoming a full time cat blogger.