I should mention, the snow that this road treatment suggests did not happen.

More Tom art

I don’t rightly know what it is, but I like it.

Three unrelated things

A photo from my car of a person taking a photo in a car A disco ball at Jefferson Hall Shrimp Nibbler promotional graphic on dumpster fence at White Castle

Edie, in bag

Eventually, more cat photos were bound to happen.

Grace is a nerd

Case in point: Grace’s phone case.

Lunch at Findlay Market

Love these tiles in the middle of Findlay Market. If you’re shopping down there and looking for a great place for lunch? Hit up Pho Lang Thang.

Fish Fry at the firehouse

It’s that time of year for Friday Fish Frys. Hit one up at the Crescent Springs/Villa Hills Fire and EMS Department.

Grabbing supplies

Grabbing supplies at Suder’s Art Store for an art project. Ended the day having dinner with potential.