Checked out Mountains performing at Mayday. My only issue with their set of drone music was that it was way too short. Joel was mesmerized by the computer board light fixture.

Always finding something new at the Sign Museum

Went with Peter for a tour of the American Sign Museum. I always find something new there.


I must say, Muse puts on an excellent live show. I swear I was sitting kinda far away. How are those folks on the floor looking directly into my soul? After the concert, I met up with this Peter Baker character for the first time after following his work and photography online for years. I […]

Today’s Basic Science

Another bit of visual inspiration around the studio above. Totally dig the colors. Which is a nice respite from the weather outside:

High Times

Not that High Times, but a really fantastic illustrated fold out. (Take a look inside on Design Work Life) Worth every penny, and available here: High Times: A History of Aviation by Golden Cosmos.

2013 Auto Show

This year the cars were kind of same-ol same-ol at the Cincinnati Auto Show. I much preferred this old Porsche. Highlights I suppose were the new Subaru Forester, sitting in a Land Rover Evoque, and this Ford robot: Maya, clearly thrilled.

The most expensive nightlight ever

Lionel four car train set from 1938… $1800.00 at the 20th Century Cincinnati show. Ended the evening in Lexington at the Parkette.

Detergent pod