A fish out of context

This fish isn’t much out of context, but I’ll reference it again, hopefully in the autumn.

Donuts n Coffee

Headed to Bloomington, Indiana and this donut joint along the way wasn’t open. If it was? I would’ve picked up a few crullers.

Cardboard mountain

Spent the good part of the day hanging with my mom, forcing her to accompany me on errands. Passed by this pile of recycling and turned quickly around. It’s not a resolution, but too many times I’m driving by something interesting and wished I stopped or turned around. Vow to do that more.

Last thumbprint

When I was younger, my mom would make a special tiny batch of thumbprint cookies without nuts for me because she’s awesome. I’ve since grown up in my tastes and can appreciate them as they were intended. She gave a tin out for the holidays and after this was taken, I’ve devoured them all.


Behind the scenes making a background for a site, featuring the first in a series of 7″ records by Kim Deal.

His grandfather’s camera

Kyle’s grandfather owned this twin lens reflex camera, and now I shall take good care of it with honor.