Allen wrenching

It’s funny about things, how we dust and rearrange, curating our small museums of things we hold dear. Most of these items have shown up in this album many times before, but now they’ve moved to a shelf where the Christmas tree used to be. I’d been meaning to get a thing to house a […]


I don’t know what that smokestack is way off in the distance, but I like to imagine it is some fantastic factory.

Carillon at night

The weather turns quickly, back to what feels more like winter. Made a quick trip through the rain to visit with friends gathered around a football game up in Dayton. I marvel at the youngest of the group who may now officially be categorized as toddler. Topics skip from superbowls to cats, music to tv […]


Intermission in The Writer’s Block Blocker by Greg Lofaro. A most peculiar chapbook I received as a gift, with each page a vignette to encourage wandering of the mind. There’s connectedness to it, and the production alone is engaging: a combination of silkscreen, laser printer and hand-binding. I quite dig it. In other news: I […]

The light, a shot

The light is surreal, shifting between sun and rain. (And by surreal I mean, Photoshoppy.) In other news, I was overdue for a flu shot. They have these stubby needles now. “It’ll feel like a bee sting” she said. Which was a bad way to describe it as I’d rather have a needle jab than […]

Making hay

Two good friends started playing this game called Hay Day and exclaimed it was fantastic. So I gave it a whack before bed one night and now I understand their… obsession. It’s essentially a Role Playing Game on a farm where you try to level up and get new goodies. Instead of magic spells and […]


Back home and the city was looking good as ever. Would appreciate some winter-like weather though. It feels like spring.


Took exactly one photo today, this was it. Working around the clock, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling accomplished.