A plate on the wall at my dentist’s office

Sometimes I write a headline in the space provided on these posts and I feel like I can simply drop the microphone and walk off stage. But this day held a few extra nuggets that can’t be contained by a title. First? The dental hygienist said my gums are improving and that I’m doing something […]

Jesus, lamb, reflected

Went back to the Southgate House Revival the next day. I brought an instant camera but I haven’t scanned in any of those photos.

This sticker…

Checked out some rehearsing down at the (somewhat) new Southgate House Revival over in Newport. Great space that has an entirely different vibe than the old location, but more intimate and just as intriguing. Looking forward to many return visits.

Meet Edie

I always leave out a few details for no reason other than economy, but I’ve been visiting shelters all over the area looking for a pet on the weekends. After realizing a dog was not the best option at this point, I moved back to the original notion of cat. I’m pretty sure my friends […]

Boehner autograph, fifth wheel interior

A few snapshots from the Cincinnati Travel, Sports and Boat Show.

A late happy hour

The week wraps up and it was time for a bourbon, and judging from the bar at happy hour, it looks like Mardi Gras is coming up. They always have impressive decorations at Rosie’s Tavern. I wonder where they find room to store them. Another view walking around the neighborhood in Covington.

Bus stop behind strip mall

Sometimes I fill up the tank on the way home at the gas station up there in Colerain. It’s easier to snake back behind a strip mall to hit a stoplight and make the left turn home. Often times there’s a bus back here, waiting for transfers. It feels like some hidden place, completely out in […]

Brilliant sunset

I’m sitting at my desk, blinds down after a long, long day of work. I check Facebook and see the most amazing sunset happening all around the area. I thank my friends, for reminding me to stop and look, because otherwise I would have missed this brilliant sunset. And here is one totally unedited.