Music stand

Draw a Dinosaur day

As the website states: Draw A Dinosaur Day is a “holiday” celebrated on January 30th. The goal is as simple as its title: Draw A Dinosaur! You don’t have to be a brilliant illustrator, just take a couple of minutes with a blank piece of paper, a post-it note or your computer and enjoy yourself. So […]

Keeping the decorations

Christmas lights need considered perfectly reasonable any time of year. Maybe it’s a branding or packaging challenge.


My laptop gets angry if I plug it in to an external monitor and unplug it or close the lid or something. The good news is that every once in a while it makes this neato pattern on the screen.

The Comet

New minor life goal? Have an accent wall with color, texture or wallpaper. Then have a painting that incorporates said feature, like The Comet All-Stars pictured here (or this). Maybe I simply need an empty frame… friends do this with great success in their home.

The only digital photograph from the day

This phone snapshot of a sketch for a thing will have to suffice as a memento for the day. Truth be told, I took a metric ton of photos using instant film but those are for another thing. I can say there were snowballs involved. Those images will likely surface later, but I’m still remiss. […]

Ginger dressing

The last time I went up to Benihana I started really doubt stuff—mostly the wait time and feeling I got afterward. Something in my stomach suggested too much of something not wholesome. Surely there was a way to capture my favorite elements in a healthier manner… So I gathered the ingredients for this knockoff ginger salad […]

Searching for Sugar Man

Rented Searching for Sugar Man after recommendation from a few trusted friends. Enjoyed it very much. Took this snapshot of the television to remind myself to visit Detroit one day and ride the People Mover.