Previewing the signs

Tonight? I saw my design (along with 10 others) in all three dimensions for the first time at the CoSIGN unveiling of Northside signs. And man, every single one of them looks great. I’ll mention, it’s the first sign I’ve ever had part in working on, and it was a pretty dang awesome experience. Above? There’s Chris […]

A single print

I don’t have many things hung at home yet, but this print by Larken Design works well on a bolt sticking from the wall. I don’t know the identity of the woman in the mugshot, but I like to think her crimes had an element of intrigue and wonder.

Can factory molds

At the entrance of the American Can Factory, which didn’t produce cans, but actually made forms and machinery for other factories to make cans.

A little bit of color left

Didn’t quite miss all the tones of autumn. But today felt like winter was soon approaching. Time to pack up the short sleeves.

Pizza and a movie

Mom, brother and Eric went and grabbed pizza and a showing of that latest Bond flick. All of it was good.

New Jesus

Last time I captured this view, charred remnants were all that remained.

A little piece of a mountain

Finally unpacking from California, found a little piece of a mountain in my luggage.

Northside as night falls