Thanksgiving, outside

This shot was taken after everyone had eaten (and I had been back for seconds and thirds). A few things to note: a post Thanksgiving nap is about to happen with the young one there. The weather was SO BEAUTIFUL we ate outside at my aunt and uncle’s in Louisville. I mean seriously beautiful, 65° […]

Turning the fields

Bigfoot print

I saw this snapshot of a painted stump by Jessica, totally dug it, but didn’t really understand what it was all about. A week later this post about the I Don’t Believe in You, Either show on the Eight Hour Day blog popped up and everything made sense. And now? I hold what is likely […]


This shot is from a week ago after CT scan #2, but I’ll skip ahead to today when I visited with my oncologist for the results. It marked our 15th anniversary of this thing and my doctor kicked off our time by asking, “How’s my greatest success story?” joking that he really hasn’t done anything […]

Daisy in the sun

Daisy spends almost every clear afternoon in this very spot at the farm, curled up and seemingly content in the sunshine. But I think she has an ulterior motive: prime location for spotting mail and package delivery vans and alerting everyone.

Hot sauce

As seen on the table at Mahogany’s, one of the many new restaurants popping up along the river in downtown Cincinnati. Got a few kinks to work out at this soul food joint, but I enjoyed the meal, company, and the bottle of hot sauce.

Newport Aquarium

The Newport Aquarium was packed with well behaved kids and adults on a Saturday. I figure it’s hard to get too spastic when there are so many neato things to see around every corner. Caught myself going, “Ahhhh!” with my mouth open more times than once. My complaints were few but included some scuffed panes and unfortunate […]


I’ve a thing for misplacing lens caps. Used this felt coaster in the interim to keep it protected. Thought the light playing across the lens from the windows was pretty. Tried to zoom in with a magnifying glass.