The nights are long

And the days have been so busy, it’s hard to grab a snapshot. So there’s this dashboard.


I always get a chuckle when Swiss Miss instagrams the tough days of her youngest and tags the photos #itshardbeingtwo. These snapshots of distress are collected at this site. I decided to post a response, trying to showcase a resigned look, but it ended up looking more like I’m smelling the rug. Also worth noting? […]

Ascending Bear

Back in May I felt compelled to draw that falling bear. We made a few t-shirts with the fella but it felt like it was wanting. The original idea was to include some wings and after recommendations of friends, we brought them back. It’s a weird but well-meaning tribute. Available on our online store, MiCA, […]

My shame never-ending

I went through a Burger King drive through. Can’t get my act in gear to get up early and make breakfast. I’m going to work on this.

Bright lights in the rearview mirror

The daylight is a rarity this time of year. Thanks to modern engineering we don’t have to live in darkness, but we can drive around in full-sized pickup trucks and use our bright lights all the time. Even at stoplights behind small hatchbacks. This expression attempts to capture the marvel of these phenomena.

Split pea soup

I’ve never been a split pea person, but I found my tv could get public television stations and I caught this being made on America’s Test Kitchen. Suddenly it was a soup I needed to make. At the end of the day it turned out a little… mushy, and perhaps too ham flavored, but I’m […]

A new sign for Fabricate

I mentioned the CoSign project recently (probably more than once) and here’s the one I designed for Fabricate. All made up in three dimensions by the fine fellows at Such + Such. Super proud of this one, and the ten others that grace our neighborhood of Northside. A tip of the hat to everyone locally […]

Wreck-It Ralph

Really glad to have caught Wreck-It Ralph in the theater with Tom and the kids, even at 10am. It was a smorgasbord of stuff I like. Oh and the child’s combo above is a perfect fix of popcorn and soda. For the previews.