Drawing fur

Sketched out this fella after lunch because sometimes doing exactly what you’re not supposed to be doing is the right thing to do. Few digital things bring the reward of feeling ink hit paper. I would imagine drawing is very close to how trancendental meditation might feel.

A sea of coffee

I can assure you, this coffee was nothing near amazing as what you’d get from an AeroPress.

An unhappy customer

I can’t speak for the quality of work at Mikes, but I do believe in freedom of speech. For all I know Mike was stuck with a shoddy car.

Spark plug

I am sorry if you own a second generation Ford Explorer and decide to change the spark plugs yourself. Ford engineers decided to tuck these contraptions of combustion all over the enginge bay of the vehicle. Some of ’em were only accessible if you took the wheels off. (Unless of course you have a special tool […]

I’m calling it a Derby Pie

I’m calling it a Derby Pie, as does everyone else. But technically, a DERBY-PIE® is a registered trademark since 1968. I’m all for enterprising spirits, but at some point, the battle is lost and that word you made up is a genericized trademark. Like: aspirin, butterscotch, escalator, kerosene, yo-yo and zipper. (Sidenote: If you buy […]

The colors arrive

Snapped these with the big boy (a Canon 5D Mark II) and I think they’re just fine without editing. Brought out the full frame camera in hopes to catch a good glimpse of the Supermoon this evening, but it wasn’t meant to be. Stopped by mom’s garden to pick up some flowers, say howdy, and scored […]

Shots shots shots

This is the first time I’ve seen these needle protectors on syringes. Just getting some boosters and immunizations. In related news, I’m just about ready for an upcoming trip. My goal is to get up to date on the ol’ album here so I can post images along the way. Otherwise the backlog might drive me […]

Macro Farrah

I’ve snapped a photo of “The Many Moods of Farrah” before, but I was fiddling with a macro lens today and she was nearby. This badge by Best Made Co is likely a better example of what the lens can do: ▼