The Black Sea, & Winery

Thursday, May 17, 2012

After the palaces, it was time for lunch, a stroll down the promenade, and then a winery.
Mind you, all this is happening in one day—a ton of stuff getting packed in here.

Lunch was fairly solid this day. The borscht was somewhat flavorful, the setting enjoyable.
Outside the restaurant was the Kodak kiosk above. They still sold film, but it was
more for phone cards.

The promenade itself was a great way to take in the superfine weather and the Black Sea,
which I may have already mentioned, is a beautiful blue.


Too cold to swim, but perfect weather for sunning.

Pomegranate tree!

Temo & Chris

There’s money in the orange stand!

Oh hai.

Glasses crossing?

The Massandra Winery is the oldest in the Crimean area.
They produce really sweet wines (best for dessert) and have an extensive collection of
old wines below ground. While interesting to tour the grounds and hear about the history
and challenges of the winery over the years and wars, it wasn’t my favorite wine to drink.